Downloading RHIDE

Here you can download RHIDE in various formats. I provide here source and precompiled binary archives for systems I currently have access to.

The differences in the source archives are only in the format of the text files (CR or CR/LF) and in the archive format. I use zip archives for DJGPP and rpm archives for GNU/Linux.

For the binary archives I uses the zip format for DJGPP and rpm format for GNU/Linux. The GNU/Linux binaries are currenlty built on my SuSE 8.0 system.

RHIDE on SourceForge

SourceForge Logo

RHIDE is now also hosted on sourceforge. There you can download all the files. Addittionally you have access to the complete CVS tree of the RHIDE source. You can browse the CVS tree online or check it out.

For instructions to build RHIDE from the source, please take the latest compiling instructions.

Downloading from this site